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Anti-Newsletter 2016
We are now 9 years into this tradition, it's beyond epic  Short version: Mom HATES the newsletters that people put into Christmas cards (we want everyone to be doing well but they're just so long-winded sometimes) so back in 2008 she asked if we could do a cartoon of what everybody in our immediate family was up to. Fast forward 9 years and Anti-Newsletter is still alive and well, and this year we're posting it BEFORE Christmas, how about that?

Mom and Dad had a bit of a rough year after Dad had a fall and blew out his knee, which led to lots of surgeries and doctors and hospital visits. Mom still wanted us to keep things light, so we did our best. It was Kathryn's idea to make it into a Candyland Game :)


Kathryn Elizabeth
United States
Current Residence: One's on the East Coast, the other's on the Left Coast
Favourite photographer: Captain Slack!
As a pair of twins living on opposite sides of the country (Kathryn works for a Huge Pharmaceutical-Type Company in the Carolinas, and Elizabeth works at both a Large Newspaper and part time at a Ginormous Corporate Bookstore in southern California) we send piles and piles of letters back and forth.  Years ago the stick-people took over the letters, anything from elaborate scripts that take forever to get right, to little doodles drawn in the middle of weird situations.  Combined with the cartoons that show up in letters to the rest of the family, scribbles done during boring meetings, faxes to coworkers…there's tons of this stuff lying around.  

After a lot of encouragement (ie: productive pestering, thanks yall!) we finally got around to scanning it and putting it online.  Now everybody can see what we're doing when we're supposed to be paying attention!  (oops, here comes the boss...)

Anybody who doodles a lot knows that stick-people have minds of their own.  They forget their lines, they're always taking over the drawings, and (like many of us secretly wish about ourselves) they're really cute when they're mad.



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